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It doesnt require any special skills. Refer Start:-, top. Tdec This company is hiring home data entry keyers. Basic Typing Job The first and basic data entry job is

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Do I need an oanda trading account to sign in and trade forex and CFDs on the Demo platform? To be a better price action trading, you need to

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Is committed to promoting and maintaining a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment. All products or services have been verified and/or used. Required Qualifications: Active and unrestricted

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C# get forex data from sql to datatable

c# get forex data from sql to datatable

choice. . It is at this point that a custom type would be really useful but if you want to stick with parallel arrays you can. At least with static classes you can put a gateway in between the data and the users. There are differences for class and member layouts but not within method bodies. I know using an adapter is one way to do it but I don't think it is possible to convert a filled adapter to a list, list list etc. Public class CountryRepository /Or use arrays as specified earlier public IEnumerable Country GetAll /Get data public class CountryService public IEnumerable Country GetCountries /Look up in Cache /If not found then query repository and /store in cache. The SQL statement I'm using is: private string cmdShowEmployees "select * from Employees This is being used in the same class as a function public List string showAllIdData list string id new List string using (sqlConnection getSqlConnection nnection sqlConnection; mmandText cmdShowEmployees; SqlDataReader reader sqlCommand. Open var Reader cmd. ExecuteReader while (ad rstName oReader"FirstName".ToString stName oReader"LastName".ToString ose return matchingPerson; Few things to note here: I used a parametrized query, which makes your code safer. Dim items(60) As String dim command as SqlCommand, dim dr as sqldataReader command New SqlCommand(., connection) dr command. The way you are making the select statement with the "where x " Textbox.

c# get forex data from sql to datatable

If that is the case, that person will be stored in a Person object (see below in my answer for the class).
Streaming data into, sQL, server Table-Valued parameter also looks like a good solution for fast inserts as they are held in memory.

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It encourages us to help you. The countries are stored in the DB and the list of countries will not change for the life of the app instance (this may not be true for you). . It is really more a matter of controlling access to information. . At that point whether you use an array, List T or Dictionary is completely dependent upon how you want to store and access the data. Personally I think this is a excellent opportunity in regards to thinking how to complete this task. C# uses symbols while VB uses words. . Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs). Repository is a popular data access pattern in use today so it fits in nicely there.

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