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Fortnite game freezes for a second

fortnite game freezes for a second

isn't the high end of the spectrum but it runs Fortnite on stable 60 fps on low settings in 720p. Comment, comment, comment, same here. Comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment. The stuttering began since the.5 update with the Replay option. Hey guys, has anyone experienced some fps drops recently? If anyone could share their experience or possibly a fix I'd appreciate it! It also always happens when I engage a player, build anything, try to destroy walls etc.

Fortnite Stuttering and Freezing Help?
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If im having to run this game at medium an still no luck theres a serious problem there side. Anti virus, defraged hdds an cleaned them. Othrrwise grab a 290/390/560/570/580 or 980/ti, 1050ti, 1060/ti 6GB, 1070/ti. I7 6700k GTX1070 with binary options legit sites 16gb RAM. Basically any action other than running and looking around. Im running a 1080ti, i7700k, 16gb ram all water cooled. They make me furious. I have 200mb up and download with 1-5 ping. Edition, subscribe to our newsletter, company, resources.

After the last 2 updates also have exsact same problem. Other Purch sites 2018 Purch All Rights Reserved. Been playing fine slick as ever until then now every now an then i get a split second freeze an next min the players moved 5 feet. More about fortnite freezing randomly, ask a new question, video Games RAM Lag CPUs Games Fortnite GPUs windows 10 SSD. Microstutters are horrible, run games at lower details and resolutions. Overclock the cpu if possible, otherwise jump to a 3770K, see if yhere is a setting for nvidia like frame pacing. Everything is fine but then from time to time my game will freeze for a second or 3 (my character still moves during the freeze). Installed Fortnite about 3 times on different SSD's and HDD's.

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